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Location and Transportation

  • Niigata University, Ikarashi, Nishi-ku, Niigata 950-2181
  • Two-hour boarding on Jo'etsu Shinkansen Super Express from Tokyo
  • Two and a half-hour flight from Seoul, Korea
  • Three-hour flight from Shanghai, China
  • Xian-Niigata via Shanghai flight and Harbin-Niigata flight are also available
  • Two-hour flight from Khabarovsk and Vladiostok, Russia

From Niigata Airport to KLab

  • Before your visit, you are strongly recommended to make a contact with him about your trip.
  • If you have a hotel reservation in the downtown of Niigata, you can make checking-in at your hotel before your visit to his office.
  • You can take either taxi or bus. Both will be charged. No tipping is needed.
  • If you have a negotiated contact with him, you will find him or his student at the airport after the passport control and immigration. It is the most Intelligent Transport System to KLab.

From Shinkansen Platform at Niigata Terminal Station to KLab

  • Transfer to Echigo-sen. When you walk the hallway over JR local lines, you will find information plates above your head, that display line number, destination, and departure time. Unfortunately destinations are written in Kanji (Chinese) characters. You can ask somebody which line goes to Uchino.

Notice: This paragraph is a detour

  • If you are interested in Kanji letters
    • that are introduced from China long long time ago and are still used in China and Japan as well as several Asian countries,
    • we are proud of giving you some information about the world-famous and the most authoritative dictionary,
    • Dai-Kanwa-Jiten (Great Chinese-Japanese Character Dictionary), Taishukan-shoten Publishing Co., Tokyo, written and edited by Dr. Tetsuji Morohashi (1883-1982, sinologist).
  • He was born in Shitada Mura, Niigata Prefecture.
  • The dictionary consists of 13 volumes with another vocabulary index volume and 16,730 pages in total. It covers over 50,000 Chinese character entries and 526,000 compounds selected from 600,000 of classical and modern literature and 50 historical dictionaries. It describes their origin, references, structure, usage, meanings, sounds and pronounciation, etc. The work had been completed after 35 years with the help of 258,000 people.
  • The owner of Taishukan-shoten and his two sons dedicated their lives to publishing the dictionary.
  • Its revision had been carried out by two leading successors, Professors Tadashi Kamata and Torataro Yoneyama, after additional 22 years.
  • The dictionary is an encyclopedia to a few billions people who share Chinese character-based cultures and histories.
  • The dictionary is accessible at every library in the world, if its institution is excellent in the study of Chinese and Japanese culture, history, literature and humanities in old days.
  • The calligraphy picture was made by scanning Nippon Keizai Shinbun, August 8, 2004. The original calligraphy is a work by Yu'ichi Inoue? (1916-1985), and is a collection of The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto. The three-letter calligraphy means mystery/wonder.

You can get down to Echigo-sen platform within a few minutes

  • When you get off Shinkan-sen and go down the staircase, you have to decide your way between left and right. Both ways equally invite you to Echigo-sen, and their distance is almost the same. So, it depends on your choice.
  • Destination can be Uchino and Yoshida. Both go to Uchino, because Uchino is on the way to Yoshida.
  • From Niigata, stops on way to Uchino are Hakusan, Sekiya, Aoyama, Kobari, Terao, Niigata-Daigaku-Mae, and then Uchino. It takes 22 minutes to Uchino.
  • Never get off at Niigata-Daigaku-Mae; it means in-front-of Niigata University. This name is kidding!! If you get off there, there is no choice other than you have to walk over-a half hour to KLab office. Exactly the name of that station is dangerous.
  • If you ask somebody around there whether you should get off at that station, he/she could answer YES. But never believe it. He/she can be a devil of innocence. Absolutely, it will be so. I bet it. Trust me. I know many people who had lost their right way to my office.
  • You have to get off at Uchino.
  • You will reach the Faculty of Engineering building complex in either 4 minutes by taxi or 15 minutes on foot. His office is Room A-504 at 5th floor of Engineering Building A. Thanks for your trip.

Why Such a Dangerous Name?

  • A new station, Niigata-Daigaku-Mae, was to be placed between Terao and Uchino in 1980s. In the early plan, the new station was really close to Niigata University. However a serious problem arose in purchasing its site, and its location was moved to a present place. In spite of the location change, the name was kept unchanged, because some parties including real estate agents and residents strongly insisted the original name for developing a new residential area with a comfortable and safety impression from Niigata University. As a result, Niigata-Daigaku-Mae station has been located in front of West Niigata Police Office and is far from Niigata University.

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