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Color Demosaicking

What's That?


A single-chip CCD or CMOS sensor with the Bayer-pattern color filter array is the most popular imaging device for digital cameras. A target scene is focused by an optical lens system onto the CFA to be sampled.

  • Blurring takes place on a captured image due to an optical system.
  • A mosaic picture created by CFA sampling has to be restored by interpolating missing color values.
  • Quantization noise introduced by digitization has to be minimized to produce a visually-pleasing picture.

Color demosaicing is a kind of restoration problems. In the right-hand figure, a mosaic picture shown in the top is changed into a visually-natural picture shown in the bottom. Evaluation of various demosaicing methods is not so simple, because quality has to be demonstrated in the sense of the human visual perception.

  • We have developed a novel scheme, iterative asymmetric average interpolation referred to as iaai. Sharpness restoration is a selling point.


This is a magnified view.
Note that every small step is equal to the pixel pitch.
  • False color is weak.
  • Sharpness in the original picture is recovered by IAAI after a few iterations.
PSNR of R/G/B in dB19.09/19.26/19.1012.47/12.77/12.45
OriginalAAI, Asymmetric Average Interpolation
IAAI, Iterative AAIAdaptive Color-Plane Interpolation


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